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Industrial status quo

New energy equipment. The new energy equipment industry in Shandong starts in a relatively early time, so the industrial system is relatively complete. The comprehensive strength continues to improve, and the development momentum is sound. In 2017, Shandong produced a total of 140,500 new energy vehicles, accounting for about 18% of China and thus becoming a major province of new energy vehicle production.

New energy applications. In recent years, focusing on improving the atmospheric environmental quality, reducing fossil energy consumption such as coal, adjusting and optimizing the energy structure, we have accelerated the development and utilization of new energy, and also have expanded the scale and scope of application. Therefore, new energy has become a highlight of the development of energy industry in Shandong. The promotion of new energy vehicles is enhanced rapidly, with a total inventory of 146,000 vehicles and 22,000 charging infrastructures, all of which are among the top in the country.

New energy technology. In line with the development trend of global energy technology revolution, we have made breakthroughs in nuclear energy, smart grids and other key areas of technology, and made steady progress in forward-looking technologies such as hydrogen energy and ocean energy. A number of major innovation platforms, such as the national enterprise technology center and the industry innovation center, have been gradually completed, and the technological innovation supporting capacity in the new energy field has been significantly enhanced. Electric vehicle charging group control, micro-grid control and grid-interactive technology have reached a leading level in the world.

New modes and new business. The integration of new energy industry with Internet and advanced information technology has been accelerated, and new modes and new business are emerging in the field of new energy. "Photovoltaics + fishery", "photovoltaics + ecological agriculture" and "photovoltaics + coal mining subsidence area treatment" show a trend towards scale development. 5 projects, such as Qingdao Sino-German Ecopark, have been included in the national new energy micro grid demonstration, exploring new business operation modes and new business of power services to promote more dynamic innovative development of power market.

Future development

Industrial scale By 2022, we will strive to make the total output value of new energy industry to reach RMB 700 billion and the industrial added value to reach RMB 240 billion. By 2028, we will endeavor to make the total output value and added value of new energy industry to reach RMB 1.2 trillion and RMB 400 billion respectively, making the new energy industry a new pillar industry of Shandong.

Application scale By 2022, the proportion of full-scale new energy development and utilization in the total energy consumption will increase to about 9%, and the installed power-generating capacity of new energy will reach about 44 million kilowatts, accounting for about 30% of the installed power-generating capacity in Shandong. By 2028, the proportion of full-scale new energy development and utilization in the total energy consumption will increase to about 15%, and the installed power-generating capacity of new energy will reach about 75 million kilowatts, accounting for about 40% of the installed power-generating capacity in Shandong.

Independent innovation By 2022, the proportion of R&D investment in new energy industry in the main business revenue will reach more than 3%, and the proportion of R&D investment in key enterprises will reach about 5%. By 2028, the proportion of R&D investment in new energy industry in Shandong will increase to more than 5%, thus to form a number of domestic leading and internationally influential independent technologies, products and brands.

Industrial cluster By 2022, 5 industry clusters will be built with the annual output value of over RMB 100 billion and competitive edge in China. Furthermore, 10 national famous leading enterprises will be founded with output value of over RMB 10 billion which can promote the cultivation of a number of specialized, fine, special and new supporting enterprises. By 2028, the group of large new energy equipment enterprises will be further expanded, with more prominent regional characteristics and advantages, and Shandong will realize the transformation from a large province to a strong province of new energy industry.

Key industries

New energy vehicles

To cultivate new energy, develop new economy and promote the industry to the middle and high end, we focus on accelerating the development of new energy vehicles. Battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as main development directions, and quality and grade of development as the core, we aim at the development frontier of the world's new energy vehicle industry and adhere to the combination of independent R&D and opening up and cooperation. According to the market demand, we formulate the overall planning to accelerate the optimization and upgrading of new energy vehicle industry technology, products and market, to improve its market competitiveness and market scale, and to promote the green, high-end and intelligent development of new energy vehicles.


The nuclear power industry

Focusing on the construction of China's demonstration projects of advanced third and fourth generation of nuclear power technology and the construction of small nuclear reactor multiple supply platform, we pay attention to the independent innovation of nuclear power technology and give full play to the role of national level nuclear power industry innovation and demonstration platform, to accelerate technological innovation and industrial incubation, to build China's pilot leading areas of R&D on nuclear power technology, talent gathering and comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy, to support and cultivate industries including nuclear materials and equipment manufacturing, nuclear power construction and operation and maintenance, thus to form a nuclear power equipment base and integrated suppliers reaching the international advanced level.

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Smart grids

We will give full play to Shandong's strong power advantages. By focusing on the practical need, such as the construction of UHV access channel, upgrading and transformation of the main network structure, new energy access and consumption, smart micro grid construction and rail transit electrification, we will speed up breakthroughs in such key technologies as large-capability electricity transmission, large-scale new energy grid integration, big data analysis of smart grids, and large-scale promotion and application of stored energy, strive to promote the development of related industries involving complete equipment of intelligent power transmission and transformation, distribution network automation equipment, micro grid system and intelligent detection equipment and so on, accelerate the in-depth integration of the smart grid industry with new energy technology, information technology, and energy storage technology, promote the development of power transmission and transformation equipment and the smart grid industry to become integrated, high-end and intelligent, build an internationally advanced industrial base featured in intelligent power equipment, and enhance the independent supporting capacity of the equipment needed for the construction of smart grids in Shandong.


Heat pump industry

We will seize the great opportunity from the country to promote clean heating in the northern region, give full play to the existing heat pump industrial basis in Shandong, insist on innovation driving and intelligent transformation, speed up the research on key components and control systems of heat pump units, continuously improve the reliability, stability and the seasonal performance factor (SPF) of products in their life cycle, focus on improving quality, creating brands, expanding scale, enhance industrial competitiveness, build green and intelligent chemical plants, build the first-class heat pump industry chain production base in China, and realize the transformation from a big province to a strong province of heat pump production. By 2022, we will strive to make the output value of the heat pump industry to exceed RMB 50 billion and by 2028 to exceed RMB 100 billion.

Solar energy industry

Based on the advantages of the existing solar energy resource and industrial basis, we will give full play to the leading role of key enterprises in Jinan, Qingdao and other cities, adhere to the coordinated promotion of photovoltaic industry and solar thermal industry, vigorously develop and promote high-end, high-quality and high-efficiency technical products and equipment, encourage supporting enterprises and raw material suppliers to conduct strategic cooperation, propel coordinated innovation and extend the industrial chain for a complete industrial chain integrating the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry, with each link cooperating with each other and with a high degree of agreement, establish and improve relevant industrial service supporting systems such as engineering design, testing and certification and quality management, and thus to promote the overall competitiveness of the solar energy industry.


Wind power industry

Taking the development of the 10-million-kilowatt-level offshore wind power base as an opportunity, we will be based on Shandong, expand to coastal regions and go global. Centering on the wind resource assessment, the manufacturing of wind turbines and key components, the design, construction, control, and operation and maintenance of the wind farm and other key links, we will attract leading domestic and foreign enterprises in the wind power equipment manufacturing industry to settle in Shandong, encourage existing supporting enterprises in Shandong to integrate into the industrial chain, and strengthen the independent innovation and joint innovation of key core technologies, promote the procurement and production of wind power equipment to be localized and high-end, propel the clustering of wind power industry, build a wind power industry chain integrating R&D and design, intelligent manufacturing, general contracting of projects and operation and maintenance services, and thus to realize the large scale of wind power industry, the independence of key technologies, the internationalization of market sales and the integration of operation and service.


Biomass energy industry development priorities

We will give full play to the rich biomass energy resource of Shandong, strive to break through the key technologies of the thermal conversion and biochemical conversion of biomass energy such as biomass burning with high-efficiency and low-nitrogen, gasification coupled power generation, cellulose ethanol, biomass aviation kerosene, biomass olefin, and biomass graphene, focus on promoting the R&D and industrialization of key equipment for biomass boilers (kilns), briquettes fuels, power generation equipment, advanced gasification, carbonization, bio-fermentation, etc., form serial products and large-scale production capacity, cultivate a number of key enterprises featured in biomass equipment manufacturing, high-value product development, comprehensive service, etc., and strive to build a demonstration province for diversified utilization of biomass.

Hydrogen energy industry

By overcoming the shortcomings of the traditional energy system in our province, we will regard the breakthrough of core technologies of hydrogen energy and fuel cell as the key tasks of our province in leading the layout of the pilot industry and seizing a head start of energy technologies. We will strengthen the top-level design of the development of hydrogen energy industry, encourage the cooperation of production, education and research among leading enterprises, universities and institutes inside and outside the province to focus on breakthroughs in the core technologies of hydrogen energy industry, and support vehicle manufacturers to enhance the manufacturing capacity of fuel cell vehicles.


Marine energy industry

We will focus on key technologies of high-power tidal power such as efficient blade airfoil design, variable speed pitch control, bidirectional conversion and utilization, and R&D of the single 500-kilowatt tidal power unit. We will develop a new generation of wave power technologies such as efficient energy capture system and energy conversion system, production security and anchoring under severe sea conditions, develop the 100-kilowatt wave power generating set, and improve the redundancy and security of the system to provide efficient support for the construction of a wave power plant. We will develop key technologies of 50-kilowatt thermal energy generation and comprehensive utilization such as those for the high-efficiency thermodynamic cycle, low-temperature working medium turbine, deep cold seawater pipe laying, deep cold seawater thermal desalination and cooling station, and integration and control. We will make breakthroughs in key technologies of marine biomass energy, such as large-scale acquisition and efficient cultivation of excellent marine algae species, and research into efficient and low-cost energy conversion and utilization technologies and processes of marine algae and other energy plants.