High-efficient agriculture

Source: Editor: 张田01-14-2021 09:45

Development Foundation

Comprehensive Capacity

Comprehensive agricultural capacity is in the forefront. Shandong took the lead in launching the plan to improve the quality of cultivated land nationwide and organizing the implementation of six projects, including soil improvement and remediation, pesticide residue control, plastic film pollution control, comprehensive utilization of crop straws, livestock and poultry manure control, and heavy metal pollution remediation.

Development Momentum

The momentum of agricultural development continued to increase. Shandong has continuously increased its sci-tech innovation ability, advanced the comprehensive reform in rural areas, and improved the opening-up level of agriculture.

Format & Model

New formats and new models are growing rapidly. Shandong has cultivated and expanded new agricultural business entities and developed rapidly new formats of business such as e-commerce agricultural products and leisure agriculture. The "New Six Industry", i.e. the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in agriculture are becoming new highlights in increasing agricultural efficiency and farmers' income.


Strategic Positioning

Brand Building

Build a strong province with standard agricultural brands. Comprehensively promote the county construction in respect to safe agricultural products and the brand leading actions in the name of "Delicately Beautiful Shandong with Brand Agricultural Products", accelerate the development of pollution-free agricultural products, green foods, organic agricultural products and agricultural products of geographical indication, vigorously promote standardized agricultural production, strengthen the supervision and management of pesticides, build a system to trace the quality and safety of agricultural products, and create a province excelling in quality brands of agricultural products. Focus on cultivating 70 regional public agricultural brands and 500 enterprise product brands.


New Six Industry

Build a province demonstrative of agricultural "New Six Industry" development. Vigorously develop new industries and new formats in rural areas and accelerate the cultivation of development highlights such as leisure agriculture and rural tourism, pastoral complexes, marine ecological pasture complexes, small towns with agricultural characteristics by focusing on the construction of pilot projects for the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries. Promote the "link with secondary and tertiary industries" in agriculture and realize full-link upgrading, full-chain value added and full-industry integration. Focus on the construction of 50 demonstration counties for and 600 demonstration entities for agricultural "New Six Industry".

Intelligent Agriculture

Build a province advanced in the application of "intelligent agriculture". Promote the intelligent development of agriculture, the wide application of information technology in agricultural production and in the market circulation and safety supervision of agricultural products, and the in-depth integration of information technology such as Internet of Things, remote sensing, big data and cloud computing with agriculture and build a province demonstrative of national agricultural Internet of Things application and a demonstration base of intelligent agriculture.


Open Development

Build a province leading in the open development of agriculture. Cultivate a number of multinational enterprise groups competitive in agriculture, improve and perfect the system and mechanism of agricultural opening-up, build a strong agricultural trade province, and enhance the international influence and competitiveness of Shandong's agricultural products by focusing on the establishment of national comprehensive experimental zones for agricultural open development.


Planting Structure

Adjust the planting structure of food, cash and forage crops in a coordinated way. Speed up the construction of a three-dimensional planting structure with coordinated development of food, cash and forage crops according to the requirements of stable food production, optimized cash crop development and expanded forage growing. Stabilize food production, focus on expanding the planting area of high-quality and strong-gluten wheat, moderately reduce grains and corns, and increase high-quality edible soybeans, potatoes, grains and beans, etc. Optimize the varieties and regional distribution of cash crops, consolidate the production of vegetables, fruits and oil in the main production areas, and promote the value and efficiency increasing of cash crops. Expand the planting area of forage crops, vigorously develop high-quality forage such as silage corn and alfalfa in areas where herbivorous livestock and poultry are dominant, encourage the establishment of demonstration bases for planting and producing high-quality forage, and cultivate a modern forage industry system.


Characteristic Industry

Enlarge and strengthen high-efficiency characteristic industries. Based on the resource endowments of various regions, make effort to cultivate "famous, premium, special, rare and new" cash crops, promote the industry upgrading in relation to grains and beans, vegetables and fruits, tea, silkworm and mulberry, flowers and seedlings, edible fungi, traditional Chinese medicine and characteristic breeding, create a number of characteristic agricultural industry belts and demonstration bases, and build local specialties and small varieties into large industries that will increase farmers' income. Vigorously develop characteristic economic forests and other green industries, promote economic models based on the forest such as forest fungi and forest medicine, and promote agroforestry. Promote standardized production, industrial management and specialized services of advantageous and characteristic agriculture and build a number of agricultural products of geographical indication and origin protection bases.


Improve Quality and Efficiency of Animal Husbandry

Transform and upgrade the traditional production mode of animal husbandry, build a number of modern industrial parks of animal husbandry based on large-scale breeding, with agriculture and animal husbandry combined and the ecological cycle as the development direction, and integrating the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, to create a highlight in the development of modern animal husbandry. Standardize the construction of large-scale livestock and poultry farms (communities) and manure pollution disposal facilities for farmers, strengthen the comprehensive waste disposal in livestock and poultry breeding and agricultural production, and establish a county-wide collection, disposal and utilization network to accelerate the waste recycling for livestock and poultry breeding. Vigorously develop modern livestock and poultry breeding industry, microecological preparations, biological preparations, high-efficiency and low-residue veterinary drugs, green and healthy feed industry, etc., and cultivate new advantages for the development of animal husbandry.